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12 Reasons to Choose PHP for Developing Website in 2016

Ever since the dawn of the internet, there have been countless additions and developments over the decades that have amazingly improved a number of our technologies. One of the technologies spoken of regards the creation and development of website designing tools and platforms. Many such website creators/developers have opted to utilize PHP in their website design efforts, and the reason behind this is due to the open-source server-side scripting language, which allows the user to opt for a range of different features at their disposal.12 Reasons to Choose PHP for Developing Website in 2016

It is the best tool that you can use due to the interpreted script language provided within, and is able to be customized and developed according to your tastes. PHP continues to add further advantages to your website development endeavors as it is able to operate from Windows AND Unix based technologies and allows you to create, produce, oversee, and even update your PHP website, without the hassles.

Read on for more information on why you should be choosing a PHP scripting language (instead of any others) and see the major factors that should persuade you!

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PHP is User Friendly!

When put into comparison among other scripting languages, PHP is the most user-friendly while still retaining its dynamic power. It is one of the most popular web designing tools used today and offers amazing features and website functionality without having to import or enter a massive amount of coding. Not only does PHP offer all of this, it is also extremely secure, even daring to say more than every other web design script.

PHP is Flexible!

To further add to its user-friendly application, PHP is also extremely flexible (more so than ASP and .Net to name a few). PHP is best suited for those who are looking to apply custom business requirements, while still maintaining top notch programming applications. On top of this, it is developed as open source software meaning that ANY editor can be utilized when entering code, and many library platforms (like graphics or XML) are also supported.

PHP is Dynamic!

Using PHP is a great script option because websites are auto-updated, which means no manual updating for you!

PHP is Low Cost!

In fact, PHP is easily accessible and available online absolutely free. Over the last few years there has been an increases use from web developers all over the world regarding PHP and is the best option for those who are beginning their journey into the online marketplace.

PHP Hast Fast Data Processing!

There’s not much else to add apart from the fact that web designers using PHP have greater success in their website functionality and loading times.

PHP is Open Source!

As mentioned earlier, PHP is a globally accepted scripting language allowing it to be used in ALL website design and development tasks viagra similares. This is because it is free of charge and user-friendly so almost everyone uses it!

PHP is High Performing!

PHP is a high performance scripting language that offers the following:

  • Development speed
  • Conventional web stacking
  • Utilization of Apache web server and MySQL database

PHP is Able to Cross Platforms!

PHP is able to conduct operations across various platforms as it operates on UNIX, LINUX, and Windows systems, and can also interface with MySQL and Apace (as mentioned above). For this reason above all others, PHP is the recommended scripting language to utilize.

PHP is Prominent in CMS!

PHP is completely accessible to CMS programs and can help assist web designers/developers to match their client’s needs in greater fashion.

PHP has High Embedding Options

If you ever need to embed PHP script into HTML, this can be easily achieved in a few, simple steps. This amazing characteristic allows a large number of website and code programmers to use static websites and convert them into brand, new ones!

PHP Has Many Extensions!

With all of the features previously mentioned, PHP can also provide countless extensions and allows the user, designer, or developer to determine whether their investments are well put.

PHP is Instant!

PHP is a scripting language that can instantly provide speedy and efficient turn around. By utilizing PHP (and possibly hiring a professional), it is quite feasible to have quick solutions to any and all problems that may arrive.

If you went through all of the above, you can see why PHP really is the BEST option when beginning your online journey and becoming involved with a number of website design/development tasks. Remember that you should always opt for PHP first, over any other scripting language.

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Author Huzoor Bux

I am Huzoor Bux from Karachi (Pakistan). I have been working as a PHP Developer from last 5+ years, and its my passion to learn new things and implement them as a practice. Basically I am a PHP developer but now days exploring more in HTML5, CSS and jQuery libraries.

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8 responses to “12 Reasons to Choose PHP for Developing Website in 2016”

  1. atif says:

    A very well written post. PHP has many advantages then other programming languages. This is the reason why PHP owns 80 percent market share.

  2. URAGANU . says:

    I can give you ONE reason why PHP doesn’t worth the time: DEPRECATION of functions !

    If you developed a website 3-4 years ago with PHP 4, now you have to REMAKE 80% of that website because of deprecated functions. That’s why PHP is the most attacked platform of all.

    When you build such a programming language you must think about the brains of its developers and I bet all my assets that there will be also deprecation in the next versions vis-a-vis of PHP 5.

    I’ve never seen a deprecation of C or Java functions.

    • Bik Byro says:

      Absolutely correct.
      If you are programming for a living, your customer does not expect to pay for programming work just because PHP functions got deprecated, they see that (rightly) as “not their problem” – they just want a functioning website.
      So as a programmer, you end up doing hours of work going back over old ground for no reward.

    • True but doesn’t most web hosts offer the ability to choose older versions of PHP to overcome this problem. So in other words if your application was written for PHP 5.4 you can stick with that even though now the latest is PHP7.

  3. Kevin Ford says:

    This is a terribly-written post that does nothing to advance PHP

  4. reyeryeryeryer says:

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