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8 Stunning landing page design tips to shoot up user sign-ups

We all are well familiar with the enormous arena of the internet wherein millions and trillions of new websites and blogs are being launched on a daily basis. So, does your website get noticed? If your answer is a “No”, then you’ll probably have to invest in an online marketing strategy that can fetch you the desired visits and sales. But wait! Amidst of all the numerous considerations regarding the effective promotion of your website, don’t forget to pay special attention to the most vital component i.e. the landing page.

8 Stunning landing page design tips to shoot up user sign-ups

In today’s post, I’ve created a simple roundup of eight simple tips that can help you in creating an awesome landing page for your website. Hope you’d like the tips and make the most of them.

Designing Books

  1. Understanding Your Users, Second Edition: A Practical Guide to User Research Methods (Interactive Technologies)
  2. Responsive Web Design with Adobe Photoshop
  3. Responsive Web Design in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself
  1. Don’t forget to include your company logo

Since landing page is the very first page that’s viewed by the website visitors, do ensure to convey your business idea via the same, right away. By including your company logo on the landing page, you can offer your visitors a clear idea about where they have reached and what actions they can take while surfing across the website. Nothing works better than having the logo scroll in synchronization with the user as he/she reads down the page.

  1. Incorporate Quality Images into the landing page

To make your landing page look a lot more appealing, it is highly recommended to equip the same with high-quality images. Since people respond to images than the plain text; having eye-catchy images can render an improved user experience. This will also enhance the credibility of the content that you’ve chosen to place on your landing page.

  1. Enable sharing on your viral landing pages

If your aim is to create a buzz with your website’s landing page, then ensure that it can be shared easily via multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. While designing your landing page, don’t forget to keep proper space for placement of social media sharing links and buttons. Doing this will extend your online persona and enable you to reach out a wider audience base.

  1. Clear and appealing headlines are a must-have for your landing page

Since the main or sub-headline is the first thing that a visitor notices on your site, it is advised to prepare them in a way that they don’t tend to confuse or distract the visitor. Opt for a headline/sub-headline that motivates the visitor to dig deeper into your website. Concise and easy-to-understand headlines will help you in conveying your message to the target visitors.

  1. Don’t ignore the significance of using contrasting colors

When working on your site’s landing page, pay due heed to usage of contrasting colors that can easily and instantly evoke reactions from the visitors. You should use a limited color palette and get on with painting your call-to-action messages and button in either orange or yellow.

  1. Incorporate a Sense of Urgency within your landing page

It is a proven fact that websites with a unique sense of urgency can conveniently encourage the visitors to take an action immediately. Leveraging this fact, you too can ensure to have a sense of urgency in your landing page. For example, you can either opt for having an offer that would expire after a set duration of time or have a countdown timer or choose to limit your downloads or sign-ups to a specific count.

  1. Ensure to keep your landing page uncluttered

Instead of flooding your landing page with unnecessary and irrelevant information, keeping it clear and crisp is an easy way of increasing user sign ups. As a golden rule, just avoid offering massive details on your landing page simply because doing so may distract your visitor from focusing on the exact website message.

  1. Make a smart use of the white spaces

Having a clear layout for your landing page will turn to be a ‘magic wand’ for your site’s sign-up count. It is here that the role of white spaces comes to play. Using the white spaces wisely will incredibly improve the legibility of all the text that you’ve included within the landing page. This will also offer you an extensive control over your visitor’s gaze.

Wrapping Up

Designing a graceful landing page isn’t a mere walk to the park. Here’s hoping a serious adherence to the above list of eight tips would aid you in designing one that is loaded with utmost elegance and capable of sky-rocketing your conversion rate.

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