January 11, 2024 5:02 am

Bug Reporting with Windows Program Steps Recorder (PSR)

Today i am going to tell you about a nice bug reporting tool given by windows 7 and above. Most of us don’t know about this application its a very smart way of presenting your problems to someone or make step by step tutorial for someone.

Its called Windows Program Steps Recorder in order to run PSR type psr search in or type psr.exe in run window. Press record and do what ever you want to do on your computer it will record all the steps with description and complete documentation must try it.


Windows Program Steps Recorder (PSR) is step by step tutorial making application available in Windows 7 to assist any person or group in troubleshooting any problem. It records all steps as a set of screenshots. Making a recording with PSR is extremely easy to do which is a big reason it is such a valuable tool. Just open the application set output file location and click start recording now all you have to do is to perform the steps and PSR will do it for you.

PSR is available in Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 above.

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