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Easy way to convert XLS to PDF in batch

When it comes to MS Excel files, there are several reasons to export them to other formats. We mention the main two. The first one is the challenge to view this type of format; there is usually no way to display a XLS file in an app other than Microsoft Excel. Another reason is to protect files from editing; this is a top task for financial or presentational documents. In this case, the most popular format to save and present spreadsheet data is in a PDF file format.

Easy way to convert XLS to PDF in batch

There are different ways to do it. Some of them are free and some are not quite, some provide online conversion and others demand software installation. If you need to convert one file it is reasonable to use a free online converter. Just compare several of them and find the one with a satisfactory quality of an output file. But when we have dozens of reports, presentations and accounts, professional software is necessary to provide conversion in bulk, adjust formatting and protect data from modification. For such reasons, we advise to have a faithful companion on hand- for example, CoolUtils Total Excel Converter which is an installing software for $49,90 with tunable multi-tasking conversion of Excel files.

Total Excel Converter converts as many files into one as you need, providing countless numbers of files and their size for one conversion. The outcome PDF file preserves all the data and a layout, regardless the amount of data processed. Butch conversion definitely saves the users’ time. Such option does not have many alternatives among other converters, and very few of them support XLSX as well. For example, a very good converter, Zamzar, which provides free and online conversion of XLS files has a restriction of 100 MB. The amount can be increased by purchasing a maximum 2GB and 100 files per one conversion for $49 in a month, which is equal to the price of a life-time license for Total Excel Converter.

Speaking of reports, sometimes there is a need to combine 12 monthly reports into one year report, to make the final document visible on any PC and to preserve it from editing. In that case, your converter should merge XLS into one PDF file. That is precisely what can’t be done by most online converters. In the settings of the Total Excel Converter there is such an option and additionally, page numeration can be added during the conversion. So, the final report will be in one PDF file with numbered pages. To prevent report from editing, it is not enough to simply convert the XLS to PDF format, because it can be modified in special programs. In such a situation, a digital signature, which guarantees the original data presented in the report, can be helpful. With Total Excel Converter you can do both conversion to PDF and signing together, with no need for any additional software tools. That is also a unique option that is rarely provided by another converter.

Total Excel Converter converts data accurately, helps to adjust formatting (paper size, orientation, margins, etc.), provides batch conversion and offers a digital signature option. All this done in one application and it is needless to use other software to make the output file look exactly the way you need it. Total Excel Converter offers a 30-day free trial version, and after the month of testing you will be asked for the registration key which costs $49,90. When comparing Total Excel Converter with other solutions, a visible difference in price and provided options is seen.

To find more about Total Excel Converter and Total Xcel Converter X for web-services follow this link.

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