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Getting Started as a Freelance Web Developer

Have you been working as a web developer for a particular firm and want to branch out on your own? Or maybe you have experience in web design and wish to broaden your professional skills? With many companies large and small in need of high quality websites and applications, this is certainly a great time to consider entering the marketplace. In order to be successful, there are going to be a few steps you will need to take. Below is a mini guide of how to jumpstart your career as a freelance web developer.

Getting Started as a Freelance Web Developer

Characteristics of a Good Web Developer

Effective Communicator – your job will greatly depend upon the input of others. You will need to communicate on the regular basis with various members of an organization to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met. It is not only good to be an effective communicator, but to know how to talk with your clients in a way that they understand (minus the tech jargon).

Willingness to Learn – as technology is always evolving and changing so is the concept of web development. In order to give your clients what they want, you will need to be willing to learn new concepts and trends as they become available.

Patience – When it comes to developing websites patience is ideal. Completed work provided to clients may require more work. Several back and forth trips to complete small adjustments and quick tweaks is often common to provide the client with a product they’re satisfied with.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

There are a lot of things that you’re going to need to get started as a freelance web developer. Below is a basic list of requirements you’ll need to get your business up and running.

Quality Internet Connection – Your potential clients, and core of your work responsibilities will take place on the internet. Therefore, the first thing you’re going to want to invest in is internet service. Sites such as http://frontierinternet.org/internet/illinois/springfield/ give more information on internet and phone services that can help you save money and keep you in touch with your clients.

Office Equipment – Of course you’re going to want to have a few office supplies on hand. This might include things like a desk, computer, printer, telephone, and whatever other supplies you might need to operate your web development business.

Website – You can’t very well expect to obtain business to develop company websites without having a quality website of your own. Once you’ve secured an internet service you’ll want to set up your very own website complete with custom design and functionality for your clients to learn more about your quality of service. . You want to take your time in developing this because your website would serve as the first example of what you can do for your potential client base.

Social Media Accounts – Social media is highly used by freelancers as a means for networking and reaching clients. You will need to create professional social media accounts so that you can begin spreading the word about your services and networking with companies that may need those services.

Legal Requirements – when starting a business as a freelancer, there are some state and federal regulations you’re going to have to abide by. The US Small Business Administration can be very helpful in giving you step by step instructions on how to legally start a small business in the US. You’ll want to make sure you follow all regulations for your state as you don’t want to fall into legal trouble later.

Websites and applications are certainly concepts of the future. As such, it is safe to say that starting a career as a freelance web developer will prove to be lucrative. If information technology and computer programming is something that interests you, consider being your own boss. These steps will help you in getting your business started in a short period of time with very little investment.

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