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Getting Started With Sketch For Creating Responsive Web Designs

Sketch has gained much popularity as a designing app among the web developers. The app has completely replaced the old Photoshop technique as it is much easier to use and equipped with user-centric web features. Getting familiar with Sketch would require you to know the different aspects of this MAC compatible designing application. Here is a quick guide to explain you the various aspects of Sketch.

Getting Started With Sketch For Creating Responsive Web Designs

What is Sketch?

Sketch is a powerful designing application that offers flexible features that are easy to use and powerful too at the same time. The features of Sketch help the designers create visually stunning designs that aesthetically suit the website. The lightweight functions of this app, which includes text rendering, pixel precision, as well as grid system, help in the designing process.

Sketch has also gained the reputation in the industry as the related designs easily get converted into dynamic HTML codes that help in making the website load easily across all the platforms. Moreover, a number of services providers are there in the industry for providing the related services to the clients.

Why Sketch is better than Photoshop!

Sketch is better than Photoshop in a number of ways. The former has a number of features that make it exceptional in the list of similar applications. Here are the points of difference.

  • Sketch is Code Friendly

Unlike Photoshop, Sketch focuses on user interface designs. More to it, it is simple and has a set of more significant features that include unlimited shadow, borders, inner shadows, etc. Photoshop, on the other hand, has an option of using Drop Shadow, Inner shadow, Gradient, etc.

  • Sketch is 100% Vector

Sketch supports infinite zooming, which is perfect for multiple resolutions. Sketch also takes care of all the layout and resizing options and you only need to take care for the pixel dimensions and updating the images will also become easier.

  • Exceptional Export Feature

Photoshop is not as good as Sketch at exporting asset. The slicing tool in the Photoshop is not as exceptional as Sketch has, as you need to select slides one by one and export in Photoshop. Moreover, an additional app was created to solve the problem in the Photoshop. Sketch solves the problem without an additional add-on. The app has an export all feature, on one hand, and being vector based, it can easily support the files exported in different formats including PDF, PNG and JPG as well.

  • Grids in Sketch

The grid system in Sketch makes it easy for designers to customize the designs for multiple devices. As designers today need to take care of the grids, using Sketch application makes it an easy job for designers to accomplish the same.

Advantages/ Features of Sketch

Among the exceptional features provided by Sketch; here is an explanation on some of the most common features.

  • Sketch has CSS

Sketch has been created by keeping CSS in mind. Things that users do in Sketch can be reproduced with the use of current CSS specifications. Thus, the framework makes it easy for designing the patterns.

  • Smart Guides in the Sketch

Smart guides make it easy to align objects effortlessly. These elements are there to tell the users when an object lines up with the other.

Now that much has been discussed about Sketch, let’s take a look on why Sketch to HTML conversion is prominent for responsive websites.

Today responsive websites are the need of the hour as users are making more and more use of their mobile phones to access various websites. Sketch to HTML conversion helps in the development of websites that can easily be operated on any of the platforms irrespective of the size of the device. Sketch is considered one of the exceptional options for creating responsive websites as it helps in:

  • Optimizing the images for the web
  • Incorporating the media queries
  • Font rendering that is quite accurate
  • Creating larger canvas to develop more than one artboard

Moreover, responsive websites need to scale well over desktops, smartphones, as well as other similar devices. For the same, it is further important to code the website with exceptional coding techniques. Sketch to HTML conversion helps in coding of flawless websites that easily load on a number of platforms.

The outstanding Sketch to HTML conversion technique has today made its mark prominent in the industry because of the facts that have been described above in detail. Sketch is an exceptional tool and the sketch designs get converted to HTML codes to enhance the features of the websites.

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