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How PHP Developers Use up free time wisely

What do you thinking being a PHP developer was all about dreaming up clever algorithms or amazing graphics routines and then prompting them in sophisticated, securely written code? Shows what you know.


I will try to share with you how developers should spend their free time using frameworks, tell you that by using frameworks you craft your job more interesting, do your PHP projects with excellence and get a lot of time in return. How to allocate this time? Obviously, you can watch movies or read your favorite comic books; Chat with the social network friends, and you are lover of   good sleep. But we turn down these philosophies, because we work at drive, so we are experts and we have to verify it constantly. That’s why I plan a list of activities that you should to all one wants in your free time with.

  1. To increase and improve Framework,

It becomes better only thanks to developers like you, who select to enhance current skill to bring next stage. Script modules, themes and plugins and develop the core, to do stress testing and safety testing. All this will give more strength to your favorite framework.

  1. To learn and Explore more yourself:

Try to Follow and learn the new tricks and techniques like technologies and algorithms and more optimized solutions to old problems. This will shut out you from obstructing and will save your projects from thing of the past.

  1. To Attention related Areas:

Find out the html make-ups creation, as things go if you still do not know how to create quality templates you are not web developer, neither a half of the web developer. You familiar with the administration of web servers, As long as it does not end with creating a file of the virtual host or personal Web server for apache server, it is an extensive area that will give you the opportunity to better understand dark moments in web development.

  1. To Share :

Share your expertise with colleagues; start with your team particularly with new developer, this trend to notice and inspired others, after some time you will realize that the members of your teams or other circle also have something to helping with you and to teach you more.

Why should I do that?

  • You might ask question too. and I will answer you
  • You keep in touch with the developers that will indeed lead to new useful associates and relationships in the IT world.
  • You will further boost the speed of creating high-quality projects, reduce the amount of code, and will solve only interesting problems.
  • You have to improve knowledge in related skill as PHP developer, and using and enhance them on a daily basis you will be more competent, so become more valuable and paid staff.
  • When you share your information or set skills you getting the opportunity to work in a team of actually qualified, trained, experts, guru, professionals doing their business. Ninety percentages of developers around the world can only dream about that.

As PHP Developer you do not know it all, and even if you believe you do: there are thousands of others out there that experience how to do something better than you do. So be carefully to spend your time wisely and tricky that would be helpful others and learn with new avenue your career. I would recommend all PHP developer to must read PHP Manual  and  join a PHP community like PHP Developer and network with others. By connecting with other developers, you will pick up better tactics of doing the things you’re currently doing.

Therefore invest free time your most interested area of PHP Skills, keep practice, improve yourselves; learn new things  sprout as professionals and certify that you are professional PHP Web developers.

Author Illahi Bux

A freelance Web & Mobile Developer, specialising in PHP and open source Project Rescue, professional training and coaching for a variety of clients both near and far to grow your business. Illahi Bux is a founder of ProWebMobile.com, find him on Twitter

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One response to “How PHP Developers Use up free time wisely”

  1. Syed Faizan Ul Haq says:

    M learning php since my matric class (Pakistan) . And yeah there’s still a lot to learn . its been 5 years and still i think i know nothing . php is a vast area . the more you learn the more u get enthusiastic about it . Thank You sir for boosting me up . As a freelance developer i spend most of my time in learning and practicing . I usually dont work on request but to work on my own ideas then sell it .

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