March 6, 2014 11:50 am

How to create Mobile Navigation Menu with CSS & jQuery

Mobile Navigation is one of the challenge work for web designers in responsive designs if site has many pages and sections then its very challenging to squeeze all the links in small mobile screen. So I am going to give you a tutorial on some designing tips and solve this problem with an easy procedures using CSS and jQuery and it helps you to merge your navigation and show proper menu to your mobile viewers.

How to create Mobile Navigation Menu with CSS & jQuery

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Navigation markup

Above Markup only shows a navigation menu.

CSS used to manage this navigation looks nice

Above CSS used make Navigation looks nice and view-able on the website with sub navigation on demo link.

Now add @media query to output on device width let see how it works on devices with media.

jQuery used to make dropdown show and hide on click event:

That’s all about this tutorial you can check our demo and download script for free.

Altogether from our demo page:

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