May 19, 2016 5:47 am

How to get Facebook Page Feed with graph API using PHP & MySQL

In this tutorial I will show you that how to get Facebook pages public feed using graph API without any authentication. You can run this script on console, on local host or you can run this script on your live website. This tutorial get a Facebook page URL and Facebook application id and secret that’s it.

How to get Facebook Page Feed with graph API using PHP & MySQL

Let’s start from app creation.

Step 1: create Facebook application click here

step 1 Facebook for Developers

Step 2: Chose platform where to use application select website.

Step 2 Facebook for Developers

Step 3: Write your application name and click Create New Facebook App ID button.

step 3 Facebook for Developers

Step 4: Select settings for application and give your email.

step 4 Facebook for Developers

Step 5: Skip quick start

step 5 Facebook for Developers

Step 6: App setup from sandbox to live on review page

step 6 App Review Facebook for Developers

Final Step for application creation and setting: Copy application ID and Secret from settings page

step 7 phpgang feed app Dashboard Facebook for Developers

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Now Coding for your feed application


Import tables in your database.


Configure your database connection file.


Application configuration file, modify CALL BACK URLYour App ID and Your App Secret values.


Index file used to show you a form where you need to add your application unique name or id.

Page Name or page id


This is the main file used to get page info and feeds and store in database.

This file will get latest 25 posts of your given page and store in database and display them on view.php file attached in download source code.

Note: If you want to get feed comments+comments reply code please contact us.

Thanks for reading my tutorial please write down your feedback in comments to improve PHPGang.

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  • Nguyen Cuong

    Hi i get error: undefined function file_get_contents_curl()
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    • That function available in feed.php file download code you will get that.

      You can also use file_get_content() php builtin function.

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    can you help me it is not working

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    It is working now
    how to get page details
    page name and fan count from this code

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  • Nice blogpost.

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    Why the database? Can’t you just retrieve the data and publish it?

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  • Salam Huzoor Bux!

    it’a a great piece of code but unfortunately it’s not working anymore, is there any update regarding this code?

    I would like to see it working again as I’m working on a project to retrieve all comments from a Facebook page on a php webpage, so it would be handy for me if you help me regarding this.

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      hey did u find how to retrieve informations from a Facebook page on a php webpage?

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