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The Advantages of PHP Friendly Hosting

Time is money and money is time. For a programmer, time is indeed dear and when looking at possible online space, it would certainly be worthwhile to use a PHP hosting service. As a programmer, when reviewing lists such as the you want to make sure that you read the suggestions and reviews while keeping your own needs in mind. The difference between a hosting service specializing in PHP and a service that offers PHP as an add-along with other services can be huge.

The Advantages of PHP Friendly Hosting

Let’s not forget that PHP is the most common programming language, and being that most CMS’s like are built with PHP, it is quite common for web hosts to include it in their hosting packages. This means that almost every hosting service will claim to be great for PHP, but don’t be fooled into automatically believing that they will necessarily be your best option.

So what are the advantages of the PHP friendly hosting which make it so crucial for you to be selective in choosing only the expert PHP web host? Let’s have a look at some of them…


One important factor is flexibility, which is something that will be offered from the best hosting service that focuses on PHP. Again, don’t assume that you will be able to choose the PHP version that you want just because the host mentions catering to PHP. For example, not every host will allow you BlueHost to , a factor which might be an inconvenience to you. The more flexible the service, the easier it will be to get the work done without having to figure out how to get around various issues that may arise. Real flexibility means that the platform can handle different versions and make it easy for you to work.

Time Saving

Flexibility and ease of use is one of the aspects which allow you to save time with a good PHP hosting service. If you choose the best solutions, you will not have to spend time finding alternatives. An ideal PHP host it will run on a platform meant to run PHP the fastest, giving you the ability to move along with your projects at a smooth pace. You as a PHP coder care about performance, right? Fast and smooth is a great combination that you will appreciate both in the short and long term runs.


Another important element which sometimes easily slips the mind is support. You may be so accustomed to solving your own issues with colleagues and tools online that you might forget that a great hosting service should be your best friend when it comes to support and help. If the support representatives are not fluid in PHP knowledge, you will have to teach them in order to get the answers you are looking for… not a great scenario.

On the other hand, if you use a host that is an expert on PHP and works with a platform that supports it, you can count on support that understands your language. In this case, you will get fast and relevant answers to your questions, both before you sign up and once you are busy building and programming.

Pick the Best Service

When you want to pick the best web hosting service for PHP you need to keep the above points in mind. Have a look at the recommended host company and ask questions such as:

  • How flexible are they?
  • Do they run a fast platform?
  • Is the support always available?
  • Are there different packages to choose from?

Money is also an issue to be aware of, and you should be able to get the service at a decent price. Have a look around for possible special offers which allow you a free trial service so that you can determine the right space for you online.

Of course, it is always a good idea to check what other PHP programmers are saying; after all, they understand exactly where you are coming from. Once you set your eye on a specific host it never hurts to check its ratings and comments from other users. If you see complaints about pricing you can always see if there is a discount available, but if the complaint have to do with lack of flexibility, slow platform or incompetent service, you should probably look for a better alternative.

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  1. Jamil Ahmed says:

    PHP is the most common programming language, even WordPress is dependent on php. PHP programmers are always searching for php friendly hosting like Cloudways. The advantages you mentioned are surely correct.

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