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Top 12 Best PHP RESTful Micro Frameworks

9. The One Framework  [?]

The one framework PHP is magnificently feathery and tiny Restful micro framework which can be used to build basic Web 2.0 in a single file. This micro framework is based on Symphony and ExpressJS.

Specialties Of The One Framework PHP Is:

  • Due to the speedy interfacing of the data structure with the database, quick handling of request and binding them together and generation of out the Web 2.0 design can be constructed faster.
  • Loads of comments are shortened and so this RESTful micro framework is tiny and clean.
  • The routing, auto loading and controller code for the services, the HTTP request, request objects, customized headers, response objects, classes, views and templates can be written short and quickly.
  • As this tool is an independent tool the required additional libraries can be added as per the requirement.

However, this tool has not advocated for full mountain development or to create gigantic collections. If no other match is there for the request it responds all the requests.

This tool can be installed by including the one_framework.php in the project and to use the index.php as a front controller then.htaccess file from the root folder is copied and run the application.

10. Wave Framework  [?]

Wave framework is a compact PHP micro-framework which does not include bloated libraries and its features is mainly made for the following:

  • Web services.
  • Web sites.
  • Info-systems.

Most Important Qualities:

It supports native API architecture, caching and smart resource management. API commands acts as a heart of the wave framework. The class definition should be included in a wave framework controller. Comment based reports are generated with the help of the wave framework. Wave framework overrides the default PHP error and exception handling. It provides various features to the users and is strongly recommended for these valuable features like,

  • Time efficiency in learning and usage
  • Response compression
  • JQuery support
  • Caching
  • Complete UTF-8 support and
  • Great documentation

The default view controllers and URL are available within it for building websites.

11. Zaphpa  [?]

Zaphpa a trifling library to be pronounced as zappa is a routing microkernel and is implemented in PHP like Sinara and express.js which is used in Ruby and JavaScript.

Go Easy With Zaphpa:

The most effective micro framework is effectively used by a national population register.

It is one of the fastest PHP RESTful micro frames.

Installation process goes easy in Zaphpa with three simple steps which leads to service the steps includes:


  • Instantiating and configuring the router through the creation of api.php.
  • Controller Call-backs.

Powerful Features Of Zaphpa:

  • Simple Callbacks with request ($req) and response ($res) objects.
  • Middleware

The best and one of the  most powerful feature of Zaphpa which has the ability to  ambush request and perform consolidate pre- and post- processing of a request. And an excellent place to implement infrastructural features.

  • Auto-Documentator

It is an auto-documentation middleware plug-in used to implement and enable middleware.

  • Routing To Entities

Used for creating full Resources or Endpoints. It can be done by completely, declaring the CRUD lifecycle.

Even though it is a good framework using this framework professionally is not heavily recommended since it consumes lot of time in the learning process. It also has a good chance of implementing partially in the project.

12. Lumen  [?]

Lumen PHP with almost zero configurations from Taylor Otwell helps for creating web applications is a ravishingly fast PHP micro-framework for Laravel applications with attractive features and simple syntax.

Speedy Framework:

  • There is no need for compromising with speed with the developer-friendly lumen PHP on.
  • It reduces the panic for creating web projects such as:
  • Database abstraction,
  • Routing,
  • Queuing and,
  • It is an absolute solution for creating Laravel based micro-services and APIs.
  • It comes up with the marvelous documentation.
  • Provides time efficiency in learning with simple and easily understandable syntax.

System Requirements:

The system requires the following to start working with the zero configured frameworks.

  • 5.9 or higher version.
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension.
  • Mbstring PHP Extension.
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension.
  • Via Lumen Installer.

The choice of configuration for the lumen frame is a single configuration file which is different the multiple configuration file of Laravel framework. Access to the configuration values goes easy with the function “global config” which can be accessed using “dot” in the syntax.

Over its uncountable advantageous features like documentation, speed, etc. It also has a disadvantage with size.

I hope you like this guide of frameworks please comment below your views.

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