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Wordpress plugins to make a multilingual website

Adding multilingual functionality to your WordPress website is simpler than how it was at any other time. On account of the development of the WordPress core and a modest bunch of all around configured plugins, you can now make a website with any number of languages and almost no effort.

Wordpress plugins to make a multilingual website

One option which is suggested by a lot of developers and was preferred a long time age, is Multisite. Multisite does not offer any features that will help you with various languages. Multisite is proposed for making a system of sites and blogs with numerous clients who have an assortment of roles on the site.

In this way, what you need rather is a multi-language plugin. A multi-language plugin will furnish you with a way to replicate your content in another language or languages. This should be possible post by post – meaning you would oversee it manually – or you could go so far as to replicate your whole site in the objective language. Some plugins even offer automatic translation, despite the fact that the quality of the translation is faulty as of right now.

Here are 3 famous FREE plugins to make your WordPress powered website multilingual.


The best thing that it’s a free plugin. Right after activating the plugin, the users can pick languages for the content will be translated to. It is vital to note that Polylang does not automatically translated content; you will be required to manually translate it in some way.


After the set up, the work process for translating is entirely clear. The content can be flagged for translation. For a few users this might be a desirable alternative, especially when you don’t need everything to be translated. This can likewise be an extraordinary choice in the event that you have staff accessible to translate or in case you’re outsourcing translation.

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qTranslate X

It’s free. You can change starting with one language then onto the next by straightforward tabs on the WordPress admin panel. It does not create extra tables in the database.

qTranslate X

The primary disadvantage is that it has limited support. At the point when another update for WordPress shows up, qTranslateX might require some more time to get a compatible update. Many developers concede that I have not had great experiences with this plugin.  Another disadvantage, a few themes and plugins don’t work legitimately with this plugin.


Another free WordPress plugin, It was downloaded more than 100,000 times since it’s launch time in 2009.


It offers features like alternate plugins reviewed in this post, notwithstanding the choice to translate from inside of the Post and Page screens in WordPress.
A brisk output of the Xili site uncovers that the plugin developers are obviously not native English speakers. Directions gave by the developers can be dubious to get it.

But it is an extremely famous plugin with high rating. This is maybe a decent decision in the event that you are alright with the more specialized parts of plugins and themes.

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