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Latest responsive frameworks in 2015

Gone are the days when you need to wait for months to take your business online. Today we have frameworks which are a collection of multiple documents and files such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML and etc. , which helps the programmers to architect websites  from the beginning within no time. These frameworks play a crucial role in the productivity of website online as with them the developers need not to write every single code for your website as they offer  ready made features.

Titon Toolkit


In this article we hand picked 10 best frameworks of 2015 which are capable enough to handle  all the prevalent web requites such as responsive design, grid layout, animations , user interface kits and many more. Let’s find out!

1. Apache Aurora

Apache Aurora

If you need a framework for websites which has ample lot of cron jobs and services for long run then you can go for  Apache Aurora. This is a meso framework which runs applications on a multiple machines shared on a pool and is further accountable for running it forever. Aurora is equipped with functionalities which can reschedule the jobs assigned to the machines at the time of any contingency, for instance a  machine failure. It checks the status of the machine while assigning the jobs and rolls back if things are not proper. Moreover, it also has a quota system for assigning resources to a particular system in order to provide definite resources for particular applications and it also supports several user accounts for deploying the services.

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2. Titon Toolkit

Titon Toolkit

Titon Toolkit is a very strong framework which offers responsive and mobile friendly web development. It is composed of powerful interface design and utility classes which makes your website look good on any device irrespective of its screen size and resolution. It’s component comprises of components which are imbued with functionalities of HTML, JavaScript and CSS which further segregates the role of specific page elements. It utilizes the best and the latest technology, for instance, HTML5 for content,  CSS3 for incorporating animations and styles, Sass for pre-processing the CSS ,  for  managing task and package it uses Gulp  , and highly competitive browser APIs for  JavaScript layer.

3. Jam.py

Jam.py is one of the most credible Webs design framework present in the web development world. It is an event driven frameworks which offers structural code hierarchy.  This is offered in very thin coupling between DB/GUI, which is lies on the basis of ‘do not repeat yourself’ precept in short ‘remove redundancy’. This helps in just to create complex applications with only few line of code as it avoids redundancy. It further offers a secure mode for managing accounts and their passwords and gives the administrator the power to allows permissions and authority functions to tailor the functionality assigned to users which can be divided into categories.

4. Themosis

If you looking for a framework which can get you online using WordPress with in no time then you can go for Themosis.  It offers simple syntax for code and thus helps you to manage and structure your code snippets of your WordPress apps and websites. Talking from the technical perspective,  it is a set of highly competitive APIs which uses numerous PHP frameworks for instance namespaces and anonymous functions.  It offers all the  features which are offered by a typical MVC framework and utilizes the best practices of WordPress.

5. Material UI

If you looking for a framework which conforms to the Material design standard stated by Google then you can opt for Material UI. This CSS framework which also has a set of react components and is available as an npm package. It offers extensions namely  reactify and  browserify to manage the dependency and JSX transformation. Further, you need to compile the CSS framework as it is written in Less.

6. Soma.js

Soma.js offers highly maintainable and scalable web apps in JavaScript. Further, using the platform you can leverage tools for creating your web architecture which comprises of models, modules, views, widgets or plugins.

7. TouchstoneJS

If you are looking for a framework which offers hybrid mobile app development then go for TouchstoneJS. It offers user interface backed by React.js and is inclusive of various components for transitions, native gesture control, app navigation, and many more features which makes your app optimized for mobile device.

8. WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is a well organized, standard and object optimized framework for creating highly competitive WordPress Plugins.

It offers comprehensive standards for coding as well as documentation which makes it a highly reliable platform. Here the programmers can write the code and describe their code in the comments.

 9. Enyo

Enyo is a framework which architects a native HTML 5 apps , but the best part about this framework is that it is builds app which are compatible to various platforms. Apps for brands such as Palm phones, 2014  LG Smart TV and also HP touch pads were built on Enyo.

10. Furtive

Furtive is one the best framework if you need to commence the online journey of your project. It is just 2.5 kb CSS micro framework which is highly functional looking at it’s small size. The best part about this framework is that it is based on the mobile first approach.

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